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1996 Fender Custom Shop 50th Anniversary Stratocaster  $1400.00 + shipping

This is one of the best looking, playing, and sounding Strats I have had my hands on, but I am a maple neck guy. The guitar is one of a limited number produced, serial number in the neck plate. It is in fantastic shape expect for two dings that can be seen in the pictures. This guitar was my main performing guitar since I bought it in '96 until two summers ago. It has been well treated but not babied, so there is some honest wear, noticeable mainly on the gold plating of the hardware. The case is the same, some honest wear but completely sold and functional. The pickups were custom wound for this model only, but I believe they were prototypes for the Fat 50. In any case the guitar is extremely articulate and very well balanced. It has thin flamed maple caps on top of an alder body.

I replaced the original white pickguard with a perloid one, and added pearl buttons and gold knobs. The selector switch knob is form a 50s Strat. I may still have the original parts. I also added a blender pot that replaced the second tone knob. This pot blends in the 1st or 3rd pickup (depending on selector switch setting). This allows combinations of all 3 pickups in any configuration plus partial blends. If you haven't played a Start with just a touch of the neck blended into the bridge pickup then you haven't heard the full potential of this instrument! Since I discovered this mod I have done it to all of my Strats. Standard switching seems exremely limited by comparison.

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Vintage Tenor Banjo Case  $40.00 + shipping

Vintage tenor banjo case, best fits a 19 fret instrument with a pot closer to 12" than 11". It was the case my Vega 17 fret 11" tenor was in, and it is a little sloppy for that instrument. Has some wear as you can see in the photos but is very solid.

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